Friday, June 26, 2015


As a reflect on this week, WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Sunday Father's Day we went to a jazz festival here in Ajijic. My neighbors Noe and Jimmy were playing. My favorite band and fabulous musicians.

HOW SAFE IS MEXICO ~ Your So Beautfull To Me

As a reflect on this week, Your So Beautiful To Me . Sunday Father's Day we went to a jazz festival here in Ajijic. My neighbors Noe and Jimmy were playing. My favorite band and fabulous musicians.

HOW SAFE IS MEXICO ~ Jazz Festival

As a reflect on this week, THE TRILL IS GONE. Sunday Father's Day we went to a jazz festival here in Ajijic. My neighbors Noe and Jimmy were playing. My favorite band and fabulous musicians, minus the Danny's in the background ~ OH WELL!!

Saturday, June 20, 2015


Tomorrow is Father's Day
For nearly forty years ago my dad ( Sam Surdi) has been with me in spirit.  I have felt his presence surrounding me as I grew to become a women.  He has been missed not only by me , but the rest of the family.



Through his love and sacrifices to make life better for his children and wife, I honor him today with my compassion of spreading other methods to fight cancer without side effects.  Please join me in this quest to make a stand and change cancer forever.   

I need much more signatures to meet my goal and start action with our governments to fight for others that would like to choose other methods 
In memory of your loved ones that passed away from this disease, lets not forget them in vain and help support this cause.  I would also like to honor:
Sam Surdi
Nick Surdi
Camille Pursifull
Eugene Pursifull
Paul Surdi
Pete Surdi
Loretta Sudi
Mary Surdi
Thelma Malin
Ana Lopez



Who do you honor in memory of this horrible disease?



Thursday, June 18, 2015




Dear God,

I’m here to ask you to please intervene in my healing process of body, soul, and mind in order for this process to be complete and successful.

I recognize that you are very busy with wars, tragedies, and other conflicts bigger than just a woman with cancer.  But I’m sure that the health of the planet is affected by the health of every individual on it.  I know that as long as one person is contaminated with this disease and keeps receiving the poison of chemotherapies and radiation, the whole world is contaminated by it.  Similarly if one or more people can be free of cancer receiving an adequate integral treatment and let other people know, this will certainly increase the general health of the whole world in the same the way a few healthy cells in a body can increase the general health of that body.

This is my most humble request then, that you help me end this disease and eliminate all the cancerous cells in my body.  In this way, I can have the opportunity to be entirely healed and be healthy to contribute a little to alleviate the health of this world.  Besides, like this healthy as created me like you.  I will definitely be able, with more strength to help others heal with your might and support under your name.

I thank you for your kind attention respectfully ________________________________________

Written by my friend Ana Was inspired by the book Eat, Pray, Love

Please join me in this fight to change the future of cancer

Sunday, June 7, 2015



As another year goes by here in Mexico, I face challenges that we all have every day and this is called life.  Dan and I are approaching a third year living abroad with peace of mind.  Still we are questioned on how safe it is.  Well, the only explanation I can give is that it’s just like the USA.  There are good areas and areas that you would not travel through in both countries.  There are bad people everywhere and you need to be aware of where they are.  My advice is Mexico as a whole is a fabulous place.  The people are God’s gift to the earth and the environment is wonderful to heal from any kind of disease.  Where we live there is a lot to offer.  Most people do not really know that there are several American Vets that live abroad here in Mexico and they have the American Legions here.

Another plus is that most all can speak English and understand what your needs are.  I go to an organic market to buy my food each week, plus there are local shops that have gluten free products as well. The biggest part of the puzzle are the prices.  We are living on a retirement income.  Our budget includes supplements to prevent our cancer from coming back plus helping our daughter with her student loans. Another piece to the puzzle is Dan has ten stents in his heart. Did you know that the stents really only last up to ten years.  We found this out only here in Mexico. Last year Dan had a checkup with our local physician here in Chapala.  His heart had blockages where the previous stents were.  This meant more money!!!  Even if Dan went back to America and had Medicare to help pay for some of the expense it would cost out of pocket at least $6,000.00, for it would be an outpatient service. Thank God for Mexico because we would not be able to survive in the USA and still enjoy life without the stress of bills.

So, I am saying that Mexico as a whole is safe and is just beautiful and I would recommend it for a place to visit or such as us, to live.   In the Lake Chapala area there are hot springs, mountain trails, coffee shops and wonderful restaurants with a history of fabulous art work.  Wherever you wake up you can see the sunset looking over the lake or town with the birds and animals all enjoying it by singing. 

It’s a blessing each year for cancer has been part of my awareness for the past five years and will always be part of my world. I do this by not only  keeping a prevention operation going, but to keep educating others on how we can control the disease by both the function of prevention and other factors in fighting it.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and through the past five years I have been spreading the knowledge that I have learned.  My book I wrote is an eye opener on how one can think outside the box and control cancer without side effects.  It’s another option that I believe that our insurance companies should cover.  I know that most people would rather try another approach besides chemo and radiation if they did not have to pay for it as a total expense.  I know because I have asked others and they would have tried other options that did not have side effects.  In honoring my Aunt I have started a petition, my first step to control cancer and for others to have the quality of life I have without going bankrupt and suffering. 

Most of my family and friends are tired of hearing this, but it’s a passion that I have and will be there until there is a change in the way the business of cancer is being done.  My drive is seeing and hearing stories of thousands of people that are dealing with this illness and all the sadness that comes out of it.  It’s a war that we do not think about and is not being won, right under our noses.  We all talk about the war we are fighting and how the soldiers are protecting the USA, but where is the protection right in our home land.  We need the money spent wisely for education and training for the doctors on treating cancer.  So today please help me and sign and share this petition and give hope to not just the American people, but for all nations to make cancer a past problem and create a better environment for our children to live in.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Everything has a voice, if we would just listen.
All speak! Do you know the language?
With our hearts we can hear the voice of all things.
Be still, feel your own heartbeat,...
Be still, feel your beat with the ocean.
Then experience the wind, the rocks, the birds and the bugs.
This beat allows us to hear and learn the language of all things.
All things have life, be mindful of this.
Let us learn the language of life, the language of life that gives life.
As we live the language of life, we live a more abundant life.
Let all live, and have a more abundant life.
Let us learn the language of life.
For all creation has a language of life.

I am humble to share my experience with cancer without surgery, chemo nor radiation and managed it. Cancer free for now 5 yrs.


Sunday, May 31, 2015


Life is a celebration; it’s a gift that was created from above.
Life is a heart beat that flows throughout our lives with the gift of
Love, joy and peace,...
We were given these wonderful gifts to share with one another.

Love is the fondness, and affection of the mind caused by that, which delights
kindness and regards for one another.
Joy is the intense gladness of rejoice and feelings; or expressing
the rejoice to one another.
Peace is a state of quiet its freedom from contention, disturbance of war.
This gift was given to us with our hearts
and not with our lives.
Every ones life is special and we were given this gift to make a difference in our
everyday functions.
During our journey lets bring these gifts back to life with special meaning.
The fondness with an affection of kindness, a gladness of rejoices and expressing rejoices,
and a state of quietness not conflict.
PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE for the future of how we treat cancer ~


Sunday, May 17, 2015



Your mind is like a garden and with it your thoughts are seeds that are planted. Through knowledge you water the seeds and they become plants. The plants will grow and multiply with beautiful flowers while planning the future.
Our lives are somewhat like a plant; we start like a seed and form into a plant. What we feed ourselves is what type of flowers blossom. If we do not eat the proper foods we can become weeds and die. Just close your eyes and picture this and think of the shapes and colors that make up the growth of your life.

I would like to see a garden full of different types of healthy flowers, but until then we need to educate ourselves on how to water it. Throughout my journey I have expressed my concerns on cancer treatments and what path I took. I also have researched and shared articles for prevention. As I share I am also learning and healing my body. It’s all about your body, soul and mind. Check it out and start your garden with the right tools for growth and success.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015



We all have wondered time to time if one can reach for the stars. I believe we can if we put our whole body ~ soul ~ mind together and stretch out for the unthinkable. I have done this; while this past 5 years with the help of my doctors we together worked with FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE to heal my body to make it strong again. I chose another route to manage my cancer without surgery or chemicals and found that it can be done. All it took was some hard work and knowledge about how to take care of one’s body. Our immune system is a very important part of this function along with our food choices.

We were all made the same and our body functions all work together. We just have to put the puzzle all together the same way through learning and to have an open mind to what is available to us. I have and would like to share my experiences and hope that everyone would do the research before making a decision that would cost one’s life. Have hope and reach higher, the sky is the limit. Give faith a leap and explore the possibility that there is more that we can   to manage cancer. BECAUSE THERE IS!

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is an integrative, science-based healthcare approach that treats illness and promotes wellness by focusing on the bio-chemically unique aspects of each patient, and then individually tailoring interventions to restore physiological, psychological, and structural balance.
Functional Medicine focuses on understanding the fundamental physiological processes, the environmental inputs, and the genetic predispositions that influence health and disease so that interventions are focused on treating the cause of the problem, not just masking the symptoms.
There are seven basic principles underlying functional medicine which include the following:

  • Science-based medicine that connects the emerging research base to clinical practice.
  • Biochemical individuality based on genetic and environmental uniqueness.
  • Patient-centered care rather than disease-focused treatment.
  • Dynamic balance of internal and external factors that affect total functioning.
  • Web-like interconnections among the body's physiological processes also affect every aspect of functionality.
  • Health as a positive vitality, not merely the absence of disease.
  • Promotion of organ reserve.



Monday, May 4, 2015



Thinking back to when we were a child, do you remember ever having a pet turtle?  Well, it hit me the other week and how much I wanted to go back to those days and enjoy my pet turtle.  So off to the pet store I went and there were turtles and supplies for them.  I was overjoyed with laughter for now I have my pet turtle.  The pet store clerk gave me a brief lesson on how to take care of them. I purchased two plus a little aquarium (like a bowl that I had when I was a child with a palm tree and steps for them to get out of the water.) He told me that the turtles will only live up to five months.


Life is like this; you sometimes begin what you intend to do prior to doing the research.  I went home after and did some research and saw that the turtles needed a bigger home and healthy foods. The small bowls are called death bowls.  I learned what to do to keep them around for a long time with a quality of life.  I went back to the pet store and got a larger aquarium with healthier food and even a filter.  Now, I know that my turtles will be happier. They are able to swim and exercise with more room to enjoy life.

My last cry for help is about sharing what I have learned with my experiences with cancer and much like my turtles trying to educate the public on what other treatments that are out there without side effects.  We go to the doctor and he tells us we have cancer and without researching we believe what he says and go along with it because others do and the insurance will only pay for what he says.  This is why I am doing this petition, because I know that there are other types of treatments that work and are not paid by the insurance companies.  I want others to have this quality of life without cut, burn or poison and side effects.  Please join me and lets change the mode of chemo and radiation for they are still experimenting on us with this type of treatment, why not be experimenting with other ways without side effects and have the insurance companies pay for those .

Research and remember that knowledge is power, so until we change the way of treatments, people will suffer with the side effects and chemicals that are given to them.  With the numbers each day that die of cancer, these may be your friends, family or even you some day.  Let’s change this and stand up with me and sign this petition and make a difference.  You are a drop, but together we are an ocean.

Sunday, April 26, 2015



I am still here after managing my cancer for five years. There is a purpose, something that I has grown as my passion. I am not done smiling or laughing for I have a lot of work ahead of me. What I know now has made me a better person and wiser ~ KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. This statement is so true because this is what has pulled me through and healed me. Perhaps, if I listened to my surgeon five years ago, “IT IS WHAT IT IS” I might not be writing this piece.

Almost a month ago I started a petition, which is so dear to me, for this is the type of treatment that turned my live around without side effects. I am tired of seeing and hearing sad stories of how one suffers and all the side effects that go into chemo and radiation. We need to open our eyes and minds to see that there are other options out there in this wide world of ours. With the modern equipment such as the internet we can see beyond our little corner.

Let’s change the way we treat people, lets not use Russian Roulette and forget that we all have a choice on our quality of life and stand up to our government and have insurance companies pay for other options other than surgery, chemo or radiation.
I have written a book The purpose ~ I wanted people to learn that in order to cure cancer one has to change their lifestyle. The first step is prevention and finding the core of how it happened in the first place. The book is an easy read and provides a lot of information, please check it out.

To expand the KNOWLEDGE I have also created a web site with treatments that provide options on how to treat and manage cancer without surgery, chemo and radiation. it’s a Scientific Approach which creates personalized programs that are customized for each patient, helping them to fight their cancer their way. Because everyone’s blueprint is different.

So you see I am not done living my life and I will be smiling and laughing. This is what I would like for all cancer patients ~ not just a few. Please stand with me and change the thinking toward cancer and let every cancer patient have a option toward a quality of live.


Friday, April 24, 2015

Knowledge is power and prevention is the key

We need to think about the next generation and protect our children from this disease called cancer.  Knowledge is power and prevention is the key.  However sometimes that does not protect us from this disease eating away at our bodies.. We do not need to put poisons or radiation in our bodies to manage cancer. Checkout another option  Stand up and sign this petition and make a change for our children and grandchildren. Please share

Tuesday, April 21, 2015



Last Friday Dan and I took a tour to the city of Zamora where our first stop was the Cathedral and then some R & R time where we went to Camecuaro Lake.

Zamora de Hidalgo, is a city in the Mexican state of Michoacán. The 2010 census population was 141,627. making it the third largest city in the state. The city is the municipal seat of Zamora Municipality, which has an area of 330.97 km² (127.79 sq mi) and includes many other smaller communities, the largest of which is Ario de Rayón (Ario Santa Mónica). The municipality's population is around 186,102, which makes it the second most populous urban area in the state.

The city of Zamora is an important economic center in the state and the most significant population center between the cities of Morelia and Guadalajara. The city is located on the Tarascan Plateau in the northwestern part of the state, at an elevation of 1,567 m (5,141 ft) above sea level. Zamora is surrounded by the fertile Tziróndaro Valley which is an important agricultural area that exports large amounts of produce to the United States.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe is a gothic revival Catholic cathedral located in Zamora, Michoacán, Mexico

The cornerstone of the cathedral was laid on February 2, 1898, the feast of Candlemas, by the second bishop of Zamora, Don Jose Ma. Càzares y Martinez. The architectural plan is attributed to the Zamoran architect Jesús Hernández Segura. The diocese had been established in 1862 and needed a cathedral.


The construction started in 1898, with a crew of more than 300 men working on the site. It was designed in the neogothic, or gothic revival style with an unusual twist, a dome over the crossing. The cathedral would contain 5 extensive naves, 4 of which had been roofed over by the end of 1910; vast amounts of quarry stone were required in order to accelerate the work.

The Mexican Revolution brought problems to Zamora, and to the country as a whole. In 1914 the work of construction was suspended due to the revolution and later, the Cristero War, for an indefinite time.

During the intervening years, only half of the cathedral was complete, including 4 of the naves, and all the pillars were in place. Unfortunately, due to the continuing conflict, the original drafts were lost; all that remained were a drawing of the original facade and a general plan of construction. Also, much of the original quarry stone disappeared, and the cathedral was damaged when the army decided to use one of the stone walls as a place of execution; many died by firing squad for their faith. The evidence still exists in the form of hundreds of bullet holes etched in the wall; a silent memorial to those who died there.

After many fits and starts, in 1988 His Excellency Josè E. Jiménez Robles, eighth bishop of Zamora, was able to plan for restarting construction and in 1989, it was decided to dedicate the building to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Its completion seemed almost impossible to him; the lack of economic resources and the time needed to complete the project being the most daunting tasks. He only knew that he and the faithful were up against a difficult but noble task.

The work of reconstruction began in 1990, with a new facade instead of what was originally planned, and bearing a resemblance to the gothic cathedral in Milan, Italy. A spire was placed at the crossing instead of the planned dome, this being an element more in keeping with pure gothic architecture. The walls were cleaned of debris then cracks were repaired and the walls reinforced. The towers were redesigned to make them more spacious and the patio was paved in order to lend greater stability to the building.

At the moment, construction is on the verge of completion and last details are being finished. The organ, by Alexander Schuke Orgelbau of Potsdam, Germany, is complete and was installed early in 2009. With the newly installed spires, the towers now reach a height of 105 meters. The inner illumination is completely finished and in niches on the pillars, images of the saints have been placed, with plaques with their respective names underneath

On to the lake we go for some relaxed R & R time.  The Park consists of 9.65 hectares (23.8 acres) of protected area including Camécuaro Lake which is supplied by a series of natural springs. The lake is popular due to crystal clear water and the beautiful vegetation that surrounds the lake. Even though the lake is relatively small, many photographers from all over Mexico come to take professional photographs that capture the parks picturesque views.

Over all the trip was fabulous.  Just riding along the roads of Mexico gives you another outlook of life and the history that took place here.